Programmable operations for building logistics apps

Programmable operations for building logistics apps

Do more than integrate, build the next generation of logistics and supply chain apps faster and more secure.

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Everything you need to build

Full stack delivery and services operations

Microservices, authentication, sockets, and webhooks to build delivery and services apps faster than ever.

Real-time first
Write real time applications by utilizing the Fleetbase socket events channels.
Eventful resources via webhooks
Tap into the power of eventful resources with simple yet granular webhook subscriptions.
Instant sandbox
Each testing API key has it's own sandbox, just generate the key and start building and testing.
Metrics & analytics
Simple metrics & analytics on your API usage to provide insight to errors.
Advanced logging
Real time event logs, socket logs, and request logs to give you in-depth information while you build.
REST principles with semantics in mind
Fleetbase API is built using the principles of RE presentational S tate T ransfer, with easy to understand semantics in verbage.
SDK & Libraries
Quickly get up and running using one of our official SDK, no matter your stack. Build with confidence.
Open API & Swagger
Fleetbase keeps an updated Swagger/Open API spec to quickly import the API into developer tools.

Build into Fleetbase Console

Provide more functionality and make money with Fleetbase. Develop and integrate your own app or utilities directly into the Fleetbase Console as an extension allowing other users to install your extensions.

Build within the Console

Intuitive SDK's

We believe that logistics should be simple, even when it comes to code. We obsessively seek out elegant, composable abstractions that enable robust, scalable and flexible integrations.

Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you are able to execute complex logistics operations programatically with ease. You can get up and running with Fleetbase in just a couple of minutes.


Full Stack Transparency

Quickly inspect response payloads, pinpoint issues in webhook handlers, visualize events in real-time.

Feetbase Developers Console

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