Platform for building the best logistics and hyperlocal experiences

Platform for building the best logistics and hyperlocal experiences

A powerful, headless logistics backend and ecommerce APIs for the new hyperlocal world.

Works with your framework right out the box.

ember.js + Fleetbase React.js + Fleetbase
Vue.js + Fleetbase
Svelte + Fleetbase

Build without Limits

Take hold of your vision.

Fleetbase offers a headless API for companies and individuals who don't want to compromise on their design, operations flow, business model, or their customers experience.

Deploy faster

All the building blocks you need to *deliver* faster

Below are some of the features the Fleetbase API provides right out the box. Delight your users with fast and efficient flows.


Observe and handle resource lifecycle events throughout your operations flow. Select and subscribe to specific events.


Composable resource oriented SDKs with a focus on semantics. Installable via your package manager of choice.


No need to ping the server, listen for events in real-time via convenient resource based socket channels.

Open source

We continuosly deliver open sourced Fleetbase projects so you can get your project running in minutes.

Developers console

Easy to use developer console which provides API usage metrics, and never miss a beat with event and request logs.


Hand-crafted detailed API reference and guides to help you get started on the right foot.

Build faster

Open source apps built with Fleetbase

With Fleetbase you are free to rebrand, customize, swap components, add and remove features or service providers. You have full control, just fork the code and build. Sky's the limit!


Open-source react native mobile application multi-purposed for publishing either a on-demand shopping app, food delivery app, services booking app, multi-vendor marketplace app.
Powered by Fleetbase + Storefront.


Open-source react native mobile application to enable navigation, route optimization and order planning for drivers in the field.

Coming soon

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