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Open source platform and operating system for logistics and supply chain developers and businesses.

Fleetbase Console

We help you build logistics and supply chain applications

Fleetbase was created to help developers and businesses quickly build and run applications for all types of logistics and supply chain applications. Whether you are a developer looking for open source solutions to help with your development proceses or a logistics company looking for an operating system, we have you covered.

Open Source Apps

Full open source console for logistics management. With Fleetbase, you can implement your on premise set up for logistics HQ, driver operations and customer engagement in seconds.

SAAS Platform

Looking for an off the shelf soultions to automate your logistics and supply chain operations? Get started with Fleetbase for free and start digitizing immediately.

Save ⏱️ & 💰

Forget long development cycles and high development fees. By building all the key components to manage logistics operations for you, we prevent you from having to reinvent the wheel.

Reach goals that matter

Our technology stack keeps you in tune with your operations, drivers and customer order management. All available off the shelf & open source.

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Your own open source eCommerce app, where customers order from their computers or mobile devices. Storefront is automatically integrated with your other apps, so you can have a complete, real-time picture of your orders and fulfillment processes.

  • Increase revenue
  • Own your tech
  • Avoid aggregator platform fees
Fleet Ops

FleetOps Open Source TMS

FleetOps is your control center. Your eCommerce shop can share order information, and your console can communicate assignments and delivery info to drivers. As drivers update delivery status, you’ll receive that info in real-time.

  • Fleet Management
  • Track & Trace
  • Storefront Integration
Features 03

Open Source Driver App

When an order is assigned to a driver, the driver will receive the assignment in Navigator, the mobile app for your fleet. They can use their smartphone to review order details, update delivery status, record electronic proof of delivery, and complete the order.

  • Order Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Tracking

How does Fleetbase work?

Modern fleet management and logistics are complicated. You need an IT degree to use them. Fleetbase has a modular design that makes life easy for everyone involved, and it’s completely intuitive..

  • Your customer places an order on Storefront.
  • The order is automatically generated on your FleetOps console.
  • Delivery or service is scheduled or assigned according to your custom rules.
  • The driver receives the assignment and details in Navigator.
  • The delivery process is tracked in real-time from drivers to your console.

Complete control from end to end.


Are you still developing delivery apps the hard way?

App development is slow and expensive. With Fleetbase API, SDK, and opensource applications, you can build, customize, and integrate quickly and easily. Expedite your buildouts and give all of your stakeholders something to smile about.

ember.js + Fleetbase React.js + Fleetbase
Vue.js + Fleetbase
Svelte + Fleetbase

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