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Delivering with Fleetbase

4 Step Launch

Digitize your delivery operations in minutes

Provide your customers with an easy to use booking interface, easily overview and manage operations from Fleetbase, and use integrations to scale further.

Digitize your delivery operations in minutes

Create your customer app

Use Fleetbase Storefront to create your own customer ordering app for any type of delivery business operations.

Manage your delivery operations

Have complete overview of incoming orders and delivery operations with FleetOps transport management system.

Mobile app for drivers

Provide your drivers with a mobile app for them to accept jobs, update delivery activity statuses, and electonicly complete deliveries.

Integrate & add extensions

Extend features, integrations and additional services by install Fleetbase & 3rd party extensions.

Everything you need

Effectivley and easily manage your delivery operations

A complete overview of your delivery operations in realtime. Create, track and complete any type of delivery order with FleetOps.

Custom service rates

Create and assign custom service rate algorithims using variables such as distance, time, volume & weight. Calculate using per meter, fixed meter, custom or even cash on delivery.

Proof of delivery

Electronic proof of delivery with built in signature and QR code scanning. Automatic order completion, notifcations and invoice generation.

Real-time ETA

Give your customers updated and accurate ETAs on their deliveries and allow them to track using the Fleetbase Storefront open source app.

Order scheduler

Manage & easily schedule your orders to plan ahead for maximum efficiency. Create rules for orders to be scheduled or dispatched automatically to the nearest driver to the delivery pick up and drop off.

Fleet management

In-depth fleet and vehicle management. Manage all your drivers, vehicles & fleets and get real insights into your fleets sustainability and fuel emmisions.

Fuel reports

Upload and track fuel reports for your fleets and vehicles. Integrate and track into our partners emissions and sustainability trackers.

Route optimization

Built in route optimization engine to save your drivers time and fuel costs. Deliver goods to your customers faster and more efficiently.

Shipping/ packaging labels

Generate and customize shipping and packaging lables on order creation. Integrate into leading warehouse management solutions for a quicker data transfer and a reduction in manual steps.

Custom order flows

Create custom order flow for different delivery types. Set your own delivery activity status updates and order criteria for a complete overview of all types of delivery and logistics processes.

Ecommerce enabled

Quickly build and manage your customer mobile and web ecommerce app for products and services using Fleetbase Storefront. Automatically integrated into Fleetbase operations systems and driver mobile apps, you can better manage your ecommerce customer orders, checkout and deliveries. Explore Storefront.

Developer friendly API

Build, cutomize and integrate quickly with the Fleetbase API. View documentation.


Add in or integrate third party features, systems and ad ons with Fleetbase Extensions. You can build directly into the Fleetbase console and offer your solution to exisiting Fleetbase users. Explore extensions.

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Everything you need

Optimize and automate your operations, like actually automate it!

Full Control

You can set all your custom requirements, from service rates, delivery logic, activity status updated and zoning to keep delivering your bespoke customer service.

Operations Systems

Use our operations in tandem with your customer and delivery apps so you have complete oversight of your internal and external delivery operations.

Customer Order Apps

Quickly create and publish your customer order app to minimise manual interaction and to give your customers full overview of their delivery or service status.


Fleetbase partners with non profits and green companies to provide you with features to help you track, go green and increase your sustainability efforts.


Get real insights into your delivery operations and create custom reporting and analytics functionalities


Manage as many vendors / sub contractors as you need under your 'Network'.

Powerful API

Build and integrate exactly what you need to run your delivery operations - view our documentation to and get started.

Mobile apps

External mobile apps for your customers to schedule their orders and internal apps for your drivers.

Our Partners

Together with our partners we help you scale!

AWS Partner Network
Greenfreight Asia
Help 4U Consulting
UK SG Bridge

Everything you need

Launch your own on-demand e-commerce shop and mobile app with Fleetbase.

Fleetbase Storefront allows you top quickly build, configure and launch your own customer order and delivery operations app in just a few steps.

  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Dashboard for product / menu / service management
  • Fully custom solution
  • Create a marketplace of storefronts with "networks"
  • Open source
  • Last mile delivery integration by default
  • Payment gateway configuration
Fleetbase Storefront product management

Integrated to delivery operations

As standard, your web and mobile apps will be integrated into FleetOps. This means when an order is generated by your customer, this will automatically generate an order in FleetOps. Allowing you to manage your delivery operations in real time.

Integrated to drivers

Once your customers place their order, it is then assigned to a driver. Your driver can then use the Fleetbase Navigator mobile app to complete the delivery using electronic activity updates and electronic proof of delivery.

Customer profile user interface

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