Storefront Shop Builder

Your Fully-Customizable On-demand eCommerce Shop and Mobile App.


Are you ready to build your Storefront? We made it easy!

You have big ideas for hyperlocal service and delivery in your area. Do you have the tools to bring it to life? Now that you’re here, you do. Build, configure, and launch your on-demand eCommerce shop in just a few easy steps.

Payment Gateway

Unlike web builder platforms that charge you to integrate a payment gateway, we know payment is a standard eCommerce feature.

Manager Dashboard

Input your product or service menu with all the customizations you need on the management dashboard.

Fully Customizable

Storefront is an opensource, customer-facing app that is 100% customizable.

FleetOps Integration

Your shop is integrated with FleetOps, your logistics management console.

Marketplace Network

Create a marketplace of shops for your customers to browse in your network.

3rd Party Integration

Integrate your eCommerce layer API to create a seamless customer experience.

Build and Launch Your Native eCommerce App in 6 Steps:

Create an account and find the Storefront dashboard.
Add your products or services with your custom configuration.
Set service rates to be automatically applied based on custom order criteria.
Clone your app in Fleetbase Github and plug your API keys to start.
Polish up with branding and final touches before publishing.
Publish and scale!
  • Open Source
  • Launch in a week
  • Increase revenue