Navigator Driver App

Give yourself and your fleet the tools to maximize your potential.


A Complete Delivery Management System That’s 100% Digital

With today’s tech, driver tracking software should be integrated, affordable, and versatile. The Fleetbase system gives you total control of your entire delivery pipeline from Storefront to Navigator – no pricey hardware or tech degree necessary.


Forget expensive, high-maintenance hardware. Implement an advanced driver and delivery tracking system with your smartphones.

Route Optimization

Automated route optimization software is one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make to your fleet tracking system.

Live Updates

Achieve new levels of customer satisfaction by giving your drivers live order details and activity right in the Navigator app.

Schedule Management

View and manage your schedule and order details with live status updates from the palm of your hand.

Proof of Delivery

Configure POD via QR code or signature to protect your business and drivers from customer misunderstandings.

Productivity Tracking

Monitor your fleet in real-time to improve safety, mitigate risk, and gain insight into your fleet’s activity to improve productivity.

Update Delivery Status

You and your drivers can update the status and details of your deliveries and service calls directly from the Navigator app to the console.

Fuel Cost Tracking

Fuel costs account for a considerable portion of your operating expenses. Track your fuel costs and optimize expenditure to save big.

Custom Order Flows

Design and load custom order flow configurations in Navigator to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction for every delivery.

Integrate your Navigator app with your console and e-commerce shop.

The Fleetbase 3-part hyperlocal system takes you seamlessly from order placement to completion. Each app is integrated by default. It’s never been this easy to build, customize, and launch your hyperlocal business. Don’t waste another minute. Get started with a free demo now!