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Logistics Service App

Logistics Service

Launch your own haulage service app or marketplace

Why have your own haulage service app?

Owning and managing your own software is key to scaling your business. Having your own logistics service app and management increases your brand strength, reduces cost paid to 3rd party apps and allows you to take control of your technology

Increase your brand strength

Having your own mobile app for download increases your brand strength and recognition

Reduce cost

Reduce the amount you pay to third party apps and logistics aggregators. Take control of your operations.

Data insights and scale

With your own apps, you can get insights into your data and scale the technology the way you want to

Customer App For Logistics Service

Open source app for your customers to conduct orders, make payments, track and electronically confirm deliveries

Easy Checkout

Customers can easily view, customise and check out their orders with an intuative user interface

Multiple Payment Methods

Your customers can set multiple payment methods depending on their preffered choice. From credit card to cash on delivery

Order Track and Trace

Your customers can view the status of their order and track the realtime delivery progress all within the app
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Console for products and service management

Manage your entire store, products, payment methods and locations from the Storefront admin console

Mobile app for your service staff

Mobile app for your service staff to accept, manage and carry out service orders.

Easy Setup

Service staff can simply login with their mobile number and get started

Route Optimization

Routes are optimized allowing for more efficient planning

Operational oversight

Drivers can intutivly accept, update and complete service jobs jobs.

Operations overview

Integration to delivery operations console

A complete overview of your orders, drivers and delivery statuses, integrated into your driver and customer apps

Who we built this for

Increase revenue, client service and your ability to scale

Logistics Service Companies

Whether you are a signular logistics service company or chain, you can provide a modern and intuative customer service

Logistics Service Networks

We allow networks of logistics service companies to share resources and customers by utilizing one technology set up

All Type Of Logistics Services

PRovide your customers with an app to request any type of transportation services, directly integrated into your delivery operations systems

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