Food Delivery

Food Delivery Management

The food delivery config extention helps restaurants & bars manage their food delivery.

Why have your own food delivery app?

Owning and managing your own software is key to scaling your business. Having your own food delivery app and management increases your brand strength, reduces cost paid to 3rd party apps and allows you to take control of your technology.

Customer facing app

Provide your customers with a simple menu and orderinput app that integrates directly into your FleetOps account.

Overview of deliveries

FleetOps allows you to create, schedule, dispatch and track all of your restaurant delivery orders in realtime.

Mobile app for drivers

Drivers can use the Fleetbase Navigator app to conduct the deliveries including route navigation, job scheduling and electronic proof of delivery.

Customer Delivery App

Open source app for your customers to conduct orders, make payments, track and electronically confirm deliveries

Dynamic Menu

Set your own activity status updates to fit your delivery flows. This may be actions for the drivers or notifications depending on delivery tracking and rouiting.

Create your own fields

Create your own variables and input fields within FleetOps so you can design the exact process flow and delivery operation that is unique to you.

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